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Gear Box

Gearbox has a wide range of applications, such as the application in wind turbine. Gearbox is an important mechanical component widely used in wind turbine. Its main function is to transfer the power generated by the wind wheel under the action of wind to the generator and make it get the corresponding speed.


Gear Boxes - Its Scope in Different Industry

Complex gearboxes, large fans and power motors are critical equipment in almost all the manufacturing plants. The ability to know precisely when to replace bearings can often make the difference in a profitable operation or one that loses money due to unnecessary shutdowns or catastrophic failures. Used wildly in limestone, plastic-cement, ore, slag, plaster, coal-kibbling the gearboxes, today are available in novel structures, shock resistance, anti-vibration, small volume, light in weight, and it also is safe and reliable with long life usage. Following are the description and employment of the various gearboxes in different manufacturing plants.

Cement Industry

The cement industry postulates rugged and high-torque gearbox for multiplying an engine’s torque to produce the required output. Cement manufacturing and processing machines and equipment make use of a variety of gearbox for continuous and smooth functioning. The tough and ever changing demand in for gearboxes in cement industry necessitates the manufacture of sturdy, reliable and high torque gearbox and other components. Basically the gearboxes or speed reducers are implied for continuous operation, compact installation, consistent load and sharp changing load. The types of gearbox includes Bevel Helical Gearbox, Bevel Epicyclic Gearbox and Parallel Shaft Gearbox.

Petrochemical Industry

The hardware industry provides the petrochemical manufacturing units with a wide range of industrial machinery for lubrication, circulation and booster application. This industry uses different types of gears and gearboxes for smooth, continuous and silent performance. They require superior quality of gearboxes that have high tolerance and durability. Specific superior quality gearboxes designed for powerful performance required in refining and other machines are provided for the petrochemical industry. The industrial machinery including gear pumps, distillation units and refining machines

Power industry

This is one of the most important industry that installs heavy electrical equipment for power generation, power transmission, distribution and utilization. For the lustrous movement of the heavy machinery like turbo-generators, boilers, transformers, different types of turbines, switch gears etc, the power sector requires high quality and high precision gears and gearboxes. These gearboxes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes with high torque capacity and powerful performance for use in powerful machines.

Paper & Pulp Industry

The paper and pulp industry is flourishing globally. involving different types of industrial machinery for different manufacturing processes, this sector installs a number of gearboxes with varying gear ratios and torque capacity. Some of the most commonly used gearboxes are Shaft Mounted Gearbox, Helical Gearbox and Spur Gearbox.

Steel Industry

Another thriving sector is the steel industry that is one of the fastest expanding global industry. With the main role of manufacturing different types of steel and its related products, the steel industry involves various production methods and processes for steel manufacturing and end products, with the help of heavy duty industrial machines and equipment. Powerful gearboxes and gears are used in the heavy machinery (like agitators, crane slew drives, conveyors and winches) for the hassle free running of the manufacturing process.

Sugar Industry

Even the sugar industry implants different types of gearboxes in the sugar making process for efficient, smooth and noiseless functioning. The precision gearboxes vary in torque capacity and gear ratios. These gearboxes can either be foot or flange mounted. Some of the major gearboxes used are Planetary Gearbox and Helllical Gearbox.

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Helical transmission gear box

Reducer Bevel Gear box


What is a gearbox

When the gearbox bears the force from the wind wheel and the reaction force produced by the gear transmission, it must have enough rigidity to bear the force and torque, prevent deformation and ensure the transmission quality. The design of gear box should be carried out according to the layout arrangement, processing and assembly conditions, easy inspection and maintenance of wind turbine power transmission. With the rapid development of the gearbox industry, more and more industries and different enterprises have applied to the gearbox, and more and more enterprises have grown in the gearbox industry.

Noise treatment

Gear design. Improper parameter selection, too small overlap, improper or no profile modification, unreasonable gearbox structure, etc. In gear processing, the pitch error and tooth profile error are too large, the backlash is too large, and the surface roughness is too large.

Gear train and gearbox. Assembly eccentricity, low contact accuracy, poor parallelism of shaft, insufficient stiffness of shaft, bearing and support, low rotation accuracy and improper clearance of bearing, etc.

Input torque from other aspects. Fluctuation of load torque, torsional vibration of shafting, balance of motor and other transmission pairs, etc.

The gearbox has the following functions:

1. Acceleration and deceleration is commonly known as the gearbox.

2. Changing the direction of transmission, for example, we can use two sector gears to transfer the force vertically to another shaft.

3. Change the rotational torque. Under the same power condition, the faster the speed of the gear, the smaller the torque on the shaft, and vice versa.

4. Clutch function: we can separate the engine from the load by separating the two original meshing gears. Such as brake, clutch, etc.

5. Distribute power. For example, we can use one engine to drive multiple slave shafts through the gearbox spindle, so as to realize the function of one engine driving multiple loads.